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Mechanically · Impossible

Weak like lamb

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 Car  geeks  and anyone who's been in one of these cars will totally get this. 
I was sent this story by a mailing list I'm on with postings of mechanics job openings. Enjoy.

Weak like lamb . - I was a Service Manager in a large Ford store in 1989. Our newly hired Used Car Manager had come from a non-Ford store and had bought some Taurus inventory from the auction. One was a four-cylinder.

Now Ford only made a four-cylinder Taurus for one year, and then dropped them because of such poor performance.

I was surprised because one day I noticed it was sold and delivered. Someone had bought it! Sure enough, one day later I saw a customer driving up to our service drive in the four-cylinder Taurus. The purchaser was a young immigrant man whose English was very limited. He asked for the manager so I came out, shook his hand and introduced myself.

By his hand signals the customer beckoned me to follow him to the rear of the car. All my advisors and technicians were watching and listening because they all recognized the car. In very broken English he said, pointing at the word Taurus on the trunk lid, "That say Taurus, right?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Taurus is a bull, right?" he asked.

I again replied, "Yes," not knowing where this was going.

He then continued in very broken English, "This car not Taurus. It not strong like bull. It weak like lamb."

All of us in the shop did everything we could to keep from breaking out laughing. For years after that, my technicians and advisors would say to me whenever a Taurus was towed in, "Boss that Taurus is weak like lamb, not strong like bull!"

- Submitted by Joe Henry - Owner of ACT Auto Truck Tire Collision Staffing

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On November 3rd, 2007 10:38 pm (UTC), teratomarty commented:
Aaaahahaha! Indeed.
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