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Mechanically · Impossible

Sophia, {Installation 3}

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A Disappointing day

Well, today turned out to be a wash. Finally got out to start work around noon. My friend Fitzy swung by to help out for a bit around 1:00 or so. He left somewhere around 2:30, and I  was going to start on paint around 3:00. Unfortunately, my random orbit sander wouldn't start, so I had to take it apart and clean the contacts for the switch. That took me about 45 minutes, so by the time I got back to sanding, I worked at it for possibly 45 minutes more before the weather took a distinct turn. The first raindrops were felt as I was pulling the cover over the tail. Hopefully I'll have better luck next time. I wicked need a garage. Like whoa.

Final door handles removed, all taping complete.

Getting ready to pull the fuel pump out, this is how one of the spark plug wires looked when I took it off. The rest of the insulative boot was nowhere to be found. Looks like we have an addition to the shopping list.

This is the old fuel pump after we removed it from the Falcon.

This is the one we took out of the Comet as a possible replacement, but I think we'll do better just replacing the mechanical pump altogether with an electric. If it's still rainy tomorrow, I'll head into Wakefield and see if Don Hutchinson can help me make a plate to cover the hole. Tonight I'll set about tracking down a suitable vacuum pump.

This is all I was able to get done before I realized I needed to spray on some primer for the time being and get everything covered up before the rain hit. At least I got most of that damned ridge sanded.
Waiting patiently for my attention on another day. :-(
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On July 9th, 2007 05:52 pm (UTC), gravitrue commented:
Do you know Pixel?

In case not, he's got a four-wheeled friend named Emily, a '62 Comet.
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