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Mechanically · Impossible

Sophia, {Installation 1}

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I figure I can document the progress of the "Sophia" project here, for all of you to see what goes into building a car, and for those who know to have fun watching. Yay, voyeurism!! Anywho, here is Sophia, a Ford Falcon who turns 45 on Aug. 6th. She is in essentially the shape she was in when she moved into the driveway, with the exception of tires and brakes. From here on out I'll take photos of the procedures along the way, and give brief descriptions with them, all for your viewing pleasure!
Right Front
Right FrontFront
BackLeft RearRight RearPaint Test PatchLeft Front
Work done in this installation ; Front brakes: shoes-wheel cylinders-brake lines and hoses-master cylinder-replaced, front drums turned, Front wheel bearings cleaned and re-packed and grease seals, dust caps replaced; Rear axles removed to facilitate replacement of axle seals and gear oil drained, Front tires replaced. Taping and general paint prep is beginning.
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On July 5th, 2007 12:01 am (UTC), wargoddess commented:
Can't wait to see it finished. you think you can have her done in time for my 80th birthday? ;p

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