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Weak like lamb

 Car  geeks  and anyone who's been in one of these cars will totally get this. 
I was sent this story by a mailing list I'm on with postings of mechanics job openings. Enjoy.

Weak like lamb . - I was a Service Manager in a large Ford store in 1989. Our newly hired Used Car Manager had come from a non-Ford store and had bought some Taurus inventory from the auction. One was a four-cylinder.

Now Ford only made a four-cylinder Taurus for one year, and then dropped them because of such poor performance.

I was surprised because one day I noticed it was sold and delivered. Someone had bought it! Sure enough, one day later I saw a customer driving up to our service drive in the four-cylinder Taurus. The purchaser was a young immigrant man whose English was very limited. He asked for the manager so I came out, shook his hand and introduced myself.

By his hand signals the customer beckoned me to follow him to the rear of the car. All my advisors and technicians were watching and listening because they all recognized the car. In very broken English he said, pointing at the word Taurus on the trunk lid, "That say Taurus, right?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Taurus is a bull, right?" he asked.

I again replied, "Yes," not knowing where this was going.

He then continued in very broken English, "This car not Taurus. It not strong like bull. It weak like lamb."

All of us in the shop did everything we could to keep from breaking out laughing. For years after that, my technicians and advisors would say to me whenever a Taurus was towed in, "Boss that Taurus is weak like lamb, not strong like bull!"

- Submitted by Joe Henry - Owner of ACT Auto Truck Tire Collision Staffing

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Sophia, {Installation 3}

A Disappointing day

Well, today turned out to be a wash. Finally got out to start work around noon. My friend Fitzy swung by to help out for a bit around 1:00 or so. He left somewhere around 2:30, and I  was going to start on paint around 3:00. Unfortunately, my random orbit sander wouldn't start, so I had to take it apart and clean the contacts for the switch. That took me about 45 minutes, so by the time I got back to sanding, I worked at it for possibly 45 minutes more before the weather took a distinct turn. The first raindrops were felt as I was pulling the cover over the tail. Hopefully I'll have better luck next time. I wicked need a garage. Like whoa.
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Sophia, {Installation 2}

So, I forgot about the camera until I was finished with  installing the axle seals, reinstalling the rear axles, and putting together the rear brakes, but remembered partway through sanding the left front fender. Sorry guys, I'll do better tomorrow. Speaking of which, tomorrow will also be car work, so the invitation is once again open. Later!

Standing on her own four wheels, paint is in it's early stages.
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Sophia, {Installation 1}

I figure I can document the progress of the "Sophia" project here, for all of you to see what goes into building a car, and for those who know to have fun watching. Yay, voyeurism!! Anywho, here is Sophia, a Ford Falcon who turns 45 on Aug. 6th. She is in essentially the shape she was in when she moved into the driveway, with the exception of tires and brakes. From here on out I'll take photos of the procedures along the way, and give brief descriptions with them, all for your viewing pleasure!
Right Front
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So, as you all have been warning me it would, the shit has finally hit the fan. On the way home from dropping Colleen off at work,driving in the rain, the red '99 Ford F-150 in front of me stopped short, and my BFGoodrich tires and non-ABS brakes  just couldn't stop me. Hit the truck, hard, freaked out, and drove the truck home with the entire motor pushed back so far the transmission was stuck in third gear..  The police came to my house, gave me the citations for "Leaving the scene of an accident with property damage" ,"Operation of a motor vehicle after license suspension", Operation of a motor vehicle without insurance", and "Operating an unregistered motor vehicle", and confiscated the plates. May Lollette rest in peace. On the upside, she was able to retain her dignity by getting back to the house of her own volition. She was always so strong. I'm going to miss her so much. :-(
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Why did it take me so long to look this up?

Omg! "Cooty" has an actual definition, why did I never research this?

Noun, Informal.
A louse, esp. one affecting humans, as the body louse, head louse, or pubic louse.

This makes so much sense. My childhood has been redefined.
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Thank god I can party tonight.

So, this is the first time I've been able to update from my living room, the Fiber Optic connection was made yesterday. Woot! And to celebrate the occasion, I was fired from work. 
Yes, after 2 1/2 years with the company, my employment was terminated. It appears that in the rush to finish up a small job on a last minute customer on thursday I committed the cardinal sin of auto mechanics and lost focus, apparently overlooking final torque on the wheel I had replaced a valve stem on. No worries, no one was hurt, the wheel simply began to shift so they pulled over and found the problem. 
So, I'm off to see how pointless it will be to apply for mechanics positions after being fired for negligence. this is just a big bucket of suck. F.T.W., and goodnight.

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